Technology And Piano Lessons

What Are Lessons Like? Technology in the piano lesson.

Today’s piano lessons can be very different from those the parent may have taken as a child. Here at Campman Piano Studio, we recognize that today’s child is connected to the digital world, so piano lessons can incorporate apps to capture their interest.

Here is a sampling:

  • Piano Adventures Player is an app version of the lesson book with play-a-long tracks, built in metronome and many other featurs for added education and enjoyment.

  • Better Practice App: Your child “taps in” to their assignment, their practice time is automatically logged, they can ask the teacher questions in chat, send recordings, and get compliments.

  • Practice can be recorded in Better Practice and sent to the teacher. This helps validate correct practice, increases confidence in performance, and builds a musical portfolio for sharing with anyone from grandparents to college applications.

  • Note reading apps replace old fashioned flash cards with fun games and choice of several themes and levels.

  • Musical creativity is fostered with no-cost composing apps such as Noteflight.

  • Skype to the rescue for car emergency or minor illness!
Occasional Skype lessons reduce cancellations
Example of a simple Skype set-up
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